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EEI – Turnkey Delivery of the Works Necessary to Connect a Cogeneration Power Station to the RTE Network

CBEM at Estrées Mons (80)


CBEM is a subsidiary of the AKUO group. The company is building a biomass power station, with an electrical rating of 13.5 MW, close to the Bonduelle factory at Estrées Mons (France).

EXPER’ELEC INGENIERIE (EEI) is handling the turnkey supply of the interface systems between the turbo-alternator and the RTE public transmission network.

The works involve:

  • using a 63/20 kV transformer, available at the Bonduelle delivery station,
  • installing a set of measurement systems and a 63 kV circuit breaker,
  • modifying the 63 and 20 kV earthing systems,
  • installing transformer and line protection racks that meet RTE requirements,
  • replacing 20 kV switchgear,
  • installing MV links,
  • installing a 20/15 kV, 16 MVA transformer, inluding the protection systems.

EEI drafted the specifications for the various lots, submitted a turnkey tender and issued purchase orders for the supplies and works.

EEI provides the interface with the other companies involved in the project, and notably with RTE, for metering and the compliance of the installation constructive ratings. EEI drafted the RTE reference technical data sheets.


 Amount of work: 900 000 €

Years: 2013/2014


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