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HV/MV stations for the Moulin d’Emanville 6 wind-driven generator site


Project definition

JPEE is constructing a 53 MW wind-driven generator site in the Eure et Loir department.
This represents the installation of 17 wind-driven electricity generators and the creation of a 225 kV-20 kV HV/MV station, to allow the power to be transmitted out of the generator site on the RTE 225 kV HV line.

Method adopted

JPEE awarded the following deliverables to EXPER’ELEC INGENIERIE:

  • Station preliminary project work (equipment specification, electrical architecture, equipment sizing, short circuit current provision at the delivery point, etc.).
  • Creation of a PBW specification for the construction of the HV/MV station (225 kV/20 kV – 90 MVA).
  • Calls for tender and analysis of the technical and commercial bids.
  • Project coordination for the supervision of the HV/MV  station construction work.
  • Technical assistance for JPEE at meetings with RTE.

Works executed during year: 2012



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