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Offshore wind-driven generator site, off Guérande


Project definition

POWEO, an independent electricity producer, is planning to construct an offshore wind-driven site, comprising fifty 5 MW machines, or seventy 6 MW generators.
The site will be located 22 km off the Guérande coast.
EXPER’ELEC INGENIERIE conducted a technical and economic analysis for the sizing of the electricity network compatible with the wind-driven power station.

Method adopted

The network comprises:

  • The offshore rig for the installation of the station,
  • The 225/33 kV delivery station,
  • Connection by 225 kV underground cable to the closest RTE station (underwater and underground HTB link),
  • The HTA connection network between the wind-driven generators.
    The sizing analysis comprises:
  • The computing of the currents and the voltage plan in the various site operating modes,
  • The sizing of the cables and 33 kV equipment,
  • The sizing of the 225/33 kV transformers and their voltage regulation,
  • The computing of short circuit currents and the short circuit power provision to the RPTE.


The analysis enabled a choice to be made between an offshore or a land station, optimised the HTA network between the generators, and sized the offshore rig. It also defined a cost in €M/MW installed, so that the optimum sizing of the wind-driven power station could be defined: 250 MW or 420 MW.

Works executed during year: 2009



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