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EEI – Modernisation of Electrical Installations – Project Coordination Assistance Mission for Reinforcing the Security of the MV-LV Installations



The technical scope of the mission includes:

  • backup power station,
  • 20 kV delivery substation,
  • energy distribution installations to the MV loops,
  • MV loops and MV/LV substations,
  • supervision systems for the above-mentioned installations.


The following missions were contracted to EEI:

  • preliminary project (MV, roads/networks, etc., supervision),
  • drafting of the particular and technical clauses documents,
  • assistance for the drafting of the drawings,
  • assistance for the creation of the related technical documents (overall fixed price breakdown, technical data sheet).


Amount of Works: 5 000 000 €


Years: 2013-2014


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