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EEI – Selectivity Studies

Description :

“Selectivity is a method of coordinating protection so that, when a fault occurs in a circuit, only the protection at the head of the circuit is tripped, thus avoiding the shutdown of the rest of the electrical installation.”.

Selectivity offers two advantages:

  • Enhanced continuity of service,
  • And electrical safety of the installation.



Method adopted :

EEI conducted various selectivity analyses for customers, developing considerable hardware resources and a precise method:

  • Collecting input data on the operational network,
  • Modelling using the appropriate software,
  • Computing short circuit currents in the various configurations,
  • Submitting a protection and selectivity plan comprising:


  • Recommended setting up,
  • HTA fuse melting curves,
  • Time/current selectivity curves.


Resources used :

Computing software: ETAP, DigSilent, CANECO BT, CANECO HT






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