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EEI – German Grid Code Compliance Study




Exper’Elec Ingénierie (EEI) was contracted by Cummins Power Generation in order to develop a model of generating sets equipped with QSK60G and QSV91G gas engines as a part of their certification for the German market where each generating unit connected to a medium-voltage grid has to comply with the requirements of the technical guideline for generating plants connected to the medium voltage grid issued by the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) and with the technical guidelines of the Federation of German Windpower and Other Renewable Energies (FGW).

Methodology Used

The model, including the voltage regulator and governor, was developed in DIgSILENT’s PowerFactory software.

The model fidelity is evaluated by the comparison of the results of simulations with the values recorded during filed tests for fourteen pre-defined voltage dips. The comparison concerns the following electrical quantities:

  • active power,
  • reactive power,
  • reactive current.

In July 2014, the model developed by Exper’Elec Ingénierie was accepted by the certifying body (GL Renewables Certification) and the certification process was successfully completed.

Years: 2013-2014




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