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Gas turbine compliance analysis in relation to French and German reference standards

 CENTRAX* United Kingdom



Project definition :

CENTRAX wished to demonstrate short circuit and voltage dip compliance with French and German regulatory requirements applicable to public transmission and distribution networks.
Based the turbine and alternator characteristics, and rpm and voltage regulations, EEI modelled gas turbines KB7 and KB5 on ETAP.

Method adopted :

EXPER’ELEC INGENIERIE performed the following missions:

  • Overview of characteristics of the revolving machines and their regulation.
  • Modelling of machines and impedances simulating voltage dips on the public network. This modelling was conducted using ETAP.
  • Computing of variations against time for each “standardised” voltage dip and close short circuits:
    • Voltages and currents on the supply network,
    • Machine electrical values: P, Q, U, I, EXCITORcurrent, internal angle,
    • Machine physical values: rpm, shp rating, motor and resistance torque values.
  • Check machine stability.
  • Adjust regulation models, by iteration, until optimum stability is obtained.

Value of works : Not applicable

Works executed during year : 2011





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