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EEI – Transient Analysis Study of the Saint-Martin Island Electrical Network




BOUYGUES ENERGIES & SERVICES wished to obtain a non-tripping analysis for the EdF Baie de la Potence electricity generating power station, on Saint-Martin island (islanded electrical system), following the connection of three new generator units.

Methodology Used

EXPER’ELEC INGENIERIE performs the following services:

  • Collecting the input data required for the analysis.
  • Modelling of the network dynamic characteristics, using the DigSILENT PowerFactory software package.
  • Plotting electrical (U, I, P, Q, f) and mechanical (torque, rpm, internal angle) variables for:
    • 2 load scenarios (maximum load and minimum load),
    • 4 events (three-phase short circuit, loss of the biggest generating unit, loss of the biggest load, voltage dip),
    • 3 operating modes (frequency/power control mode, frequency/power control mode with dead band, constant power control mode).
  • Computing of short circuit currents.
  • Drafting an overview report, presenting conclusions relating to the stability of the system and all the protections to be set up (frequency, max I, min/max U, load-shedding), to ensure service continuity.

Years: 2014-2015


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