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EEI – SONARA Energy Plan Modelling




La Société Nationale de Raffinage (SONARA) was built in the 70’s in Limbé (Cameroon).

Its electrical network has gone through major changes and it has become necessary to assess the correct sizing of its electrical equipment, check and update protection settings and perform a transient analysis study.

Methodology Used

In accordance with the SONARA specifications, Exper’Elec Ingénierie (EEI) has carried out the following services:

  • collecting the input data: in addition to gathering the available documentation, a team of 3 engineers and technicians inspected in detail the installations and collected the missing information,
  • drawing up a technical reference document,
  • network modelling using ETAP software,
  • load-flow study: energy transit, voltage levels…,
  • short-circuit current calculation,
  • establishing protection settings,
  • transient analysis study, especially during unexpected islanding: taking into account rotating masses, load shedding, steam turbine governor and voltage controller,
  • training the SONARA staff in using ETAP and the SONARA network model.

Years: 2017/2018


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