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EEI – Andrézieux-Bouthéon 63/20 kV Transformer Substation – Project Management




SNF is the world leader in polyacrylamides.

The Andrézieux-Bouthéon site has grown fast, with a corresponding increase in power consumption.

Connection to the ERDF 20 kV network was no longer sufficient. SNF therefore ordered a 63/20 kV transformer substation from EDF Optimal Solutions (EOS). EEI is handling the technical project coordination for the new installations.

The works and installations include:

  • connection to the RTE 63 kV network (design and execution by RTE),
  • line-transformer bay,
  • two 63/20 kV, 60 MVA transformers (one of them used as a backup),
  • 20 kV switchgear,
  • control and monitoring system,
  • 20 kV feeders to the existing installations.

Methodology Used

EXPER’ELEC INGENIERIE (EEI) provides a complete electricity project coordination mission on the station building, the roads/networks, etc. and the electrical installations, notably comprising:

  • preliminary project design work,
  • specifications for the various lots,
  • analysis of tenders,
  • work management,
  • work acceptance.

Amount of Work: 7 000 000 €

Years: 2013-2016


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