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EEI – Desensitization to Voltage Dips and Micro Power Cuts

SOPA Company (France)




The SOPA company operates an animal carcass processing and animal by-products plant at Cros de Montvert (France).

The processes used are sensitive to voltage dips generated by faults affecting the public supply network, and to the fast reset cycles.

EEI conducted an analysis on the feasibility of maintaining the SOPA units in operation during this interference on the public supply.

The units concerned are a boiler, two oxidising units and a continuous cooking line.

Methodology Used

EEI defined a cost-effective desensitizating solution, using a UPS on the control-command system only.

The design work included:

  • analysing the capability of the process to accept interference on the power circuit supplies: regulatory analysis, notably for the boiler, and a mechanical analysis,
  • sizing of the UPS,
  • modifications of the control-command system wiring,
  • modifications of the variable-frequncy drive congiuration.

Amount of Work: 25 000 €

Year: 2014




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