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EEI – Centrax CX400 Generator Set French Grid Code Compliance Studies




CENTRAX GAS TURBINES wants to show the compliance of the CX400 GT package with the requirements on reactive power capability and low voltage ride-through (LVRT) capability according the French MV (HTA) and HV (HTB) Grid Codes.

Using the parameters of the SGT-400 turbine, the alternator, the governor and the AVR (automatic voltage regulator), EXPER’ELEC INGENIERIE (EEI) has created a CX400 generator set model in DIgSILENT PowerFactory in order to perform compliance studies.

Methodology Used

EEI is in charge of the following tasks:

  • Collecting the input data.
  • Modelling the generator set, MV and HV public grids and voltage dips.
  • Analysis of reactive power capability, i.e. establishing U-Q curves at the point of common coupling (PCC) and assessing their compliance with the grid code requirements.
  • Plotting the following variables for each voltage dip:
    • active and reactive power,
    • rotor angle,
    • speed,
    • mechanical torque,
    • excitation voltage and current,
    • stator current.
  • Conclusions on the generator set capability to withstand the effects of voltage dips.

Years: 2017-2018


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